In order to cope with life, jaye thinks about death every day. The Singaporean musician takes the practice from a Bhutan tradition, though he has his own reasons for such meditation. His debut single, “TOMORROW,” embodies an optimistic gloom about his current life and all the choices that led him to today. jaye fell into a spiral when he realized his life wouldn’t play out the way it was “supposed to.” As an only child in his culture, he is expected to care for his parents in their old age. At the same time, his wife’s happiness in their life together is paramount, but they knew that if they were to truly start their life together, they could no longer live with jaye’s parents. So he made the painful choice to move out. The decision came when he penned “TOMORROW,” with tears streaming down his face and the prospect of abandoning his mother weighing heavily on him. Depression and guilt enveloped jaye, triggering memories of his darkest moments, all of which fuel the track. It was co-written with Kyle Patrick and co-produced with him and Will Snyder and plays like a depraved carnival tune, which, in addition to the art and music video direction, draws parallels to the infamous supervillain the Joker, and the recent film directed by Todd Philips. The music video was directed and conceptualized by bless7up. “TOMORROW” alludes to jaye’s history with suicidal ideation. In fact, he has contemplated it so many times that he considers himself lucky to be alive. Ultimately he stopped fearing death—and everything else—which created something worse than fear: apathy. He enjoyed freedom when he was living overseas but too much of a good thing can turn sour; eventually his heavy drinking became the only way to numb his loneliness. Looking back, though, he is hopeful. Knowing that he made it through may inspire others to hang on until they see the light. jaye has been part of a number of projects under several aliases, spanning the globe. He began in a folk-rock duo, then fronted a funk group until he moved to the UK. His vices ran rampant as a DJ for an X-Factor finalist. Then after his return to Singapore, he earned over 1 million streams and landed on the viral charts with his comedy raps as the AZN SEN$ATION. Now he claims the simple mononym jaye, under which he plans to share his most complex emotions—the gleeful terror of ”TOMORROW” is just the start.